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and the sustainable decisions you might need to make for your business If you’ve ever heard the expression money makes the world go round, nothing shows this more true than the climate topic. Analytics and business go hand and hand, especially when it comes to gauging what customers want. One of the hottest topics in…

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In retail they’re Sheep, Wolves, and Shepherds.

Which one will you become? Just the other day I was having a talk with a friend and colleague of mine who was going through a transition in leadership. He was concerned with the rumors floating around about his new boss. My advice was “In my experience retail has three type of people. I refer…

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Crypto and the NFT Market

It’s all fun and games until someone makes 69 million On March 11th 2021 Mike Winkelmann sold a non fungible token jpg for $69,346,250 usd. This digital art piece broke records for being the most expensive NFT ever sold. The piece was purchased by a crypto investor named Vignesh Sundaresan also know as MetaKovan. The…

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The Fourth is Strong with Disney Plus and Star Wars Retail in 2021

If you know anything about me I’m a supreme Star Wars geek. I even have a Jedi name “Lord Garfe” and without a doubt I’m deep routed in the ways of the dark side! Today being May the 4th be with you, a holiday for Star Wars geeks, I have to blog about, well everything…

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Hello, My name is Felix Garay, Im a 27 year retail expert. I have worked for some of the most recognizable retail brands in the world. My mission is to use content to help the retail beginner build the skills and confidence needed to become the retail expert

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