Relative Business

“Retail will never be the same except for the passion to satisfy customers”

-Felix Garay

Over the past decade retail has revolutionized, it has changed and has become more competitive than ever before. The ability to grow within the field requires strategic techniques, advanced analytics, and requires the entry level associate to have more experience and skills with less resources and training. Here at Relative Business we use our content to give our next generation of leaders the advantage needed to succeed!

Relative Retail Pro Series

Through online consulting, E-Magazines, and one on one training via Zoom or in person, We are here to help the retail beginner or seasoned leader build the skills and confidence it take to become the expert.

Defying Gravity Series

Not everyone with a dollar and a dream plays the lotto. The ones with the drive, and desire to succeed, take those dollars and make sense out it. The Defying Gravity Series will tell the story of how entrepreneurs use tangible methods and outside the box thinking to make their American dream come true.

Relative Business Daily

In order to beat your competition you better have an idea of what they’re doing. Our blog will use current trends, reports, and news media to keep our followers in the loop of these ever changing retail landscapes.

“I’ve worked with Felix for quite sometime horizontally, and what stood out to me the most was his overall ownership, future planning, goal setting, and execution”

Jim Kaleem Head of Customer Service/Sales Enablement CMP

Relative Business is here for you and your workforce. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.