The Fourth is Strong with Disney Plus and Star Wars Retail in 2021

If you know anything about me I’m a supreme Star Wars geek. I even have a Jedi name “Lord Garfe” and without a doubt I’m deep routed in the ways of the dark side! Today being May the 4th be with you, a holiday for Star Wars geeks, I have to blog about, well everything Star Wars Retail!

Be Careful not to choke on your aspirations!

Darth Vader

The Bad Batch Drops Today!

The bad batch

No words for this, the trailer says it all, just binge it! Only on Disney Plus.

Top 5 other things to watch beside Bad Batch

  • The Empire Strikes Back: In my mind and heart The Empire is the best movie ever made! Yeah I said it! Vader’s Entrance on Hoth, Luke training with Yoda, Carbonite Han, “Luke I am Your Father”, are you kidding me! Trust! Don’t let the forth past without watching this.
  • The Mandalorian: If you haven’t seen it yet, go crazy, but if you have, just skip to the end and watch the best Star Wars reveal since, well….”Luke I am Your Father”! Oh yeah and Baby Yoda.
  • Rouge One into Star Wars episode 4: Honestly I think out of all of the new generation movies Rouge one really captured the feeling of a true prequel and without a doubt a true testament to the dark side. Vader is in full effect! From Hallway scene to boarding of Tantive IV these two movies go together like sabers a kyber crystals
  • Phantom Menace – Obi Wan Qui Gon vs Darth Maul: If you don’t think this is the best light saber battle scene of all time you must be crazy! Maybe I’ll give you Anakin VS Obi-Wan but IDK. Revenge of the Sith only missed this list by default.
  • The Force Awakens: Again out of the new generation stuff this, well, started it all back up again and introduced some wonderful new characters. The fact that this movie reintroduced Star Wars to my kids won my heart but one of the most inspirational things for me was Poe’s skills in an Z-wing is second to none. Kylo Ren’s Sword was breath taking, and the death of….Oh I won’t spoil it. This is a must see on the 4th.

Shopping on the 4th, Things to check out

  1. The Saber of all Sabers: Obviously this is the item everyone is talking about! Disney’s Retractable lightsaber. I can’t say I know too much about it ,and neither can most, but here is one of the coolest retail releases this year.

2. The Hyper Space Lounge announcement:

Disney announced aboard it’s new cruise ship “The Wish” set to take sail next June, you will find an adults only up scale bar that gives you the feel of being on an out of space cruise some where in a galaxy far, far away. The Wish will be the only place in the world you can experience this sort of out of this world elegance.

3. Animatronic Snack Eating Baby Yoda by Hasbro: Pre Order today on Amazon. This little thing is cute and all heck! This lil grubber will be out this fall.

4. Limited Edition Death Star Tourbillon Watch: Values at $150 this Ultimate Collector Set composed of a kyber crystal container, a screen-used Star Wars™ kyber crystal and the Death Star Tourbillon watch is how you get your grown man on this fourth! If it at Kross Studio.

5. Private VIP Tour Hollywood Studios Tour including Galaxy’s Edge Orlando Florida: Not everyone is down to travel lately but if you’re fully vaccinated, jonesing for some Star Wars action, and you have have $1400 floating around then check out this VIP tour.

Here is the overview and itinerary that is posted on trip advisor:

With ROYAL FAMILY VIP Tours, you will be surprised how much you get done in Disney`s Hollywood Studios! We offer personalized experiences based on what is most important for your family by providing private guided tours in the Disney and Universal Parks. At Royal Family VIP Tours we make your family´s dreams come true! When you book with us, you get a full concierge service.(we handle your Fast passes, Dining reservations) Enjoy low wait times 15-20 min, and often even shorter! You can ENJOY the best attractions, dining options, shows, parades, fireworks and meet your favorite characters. NO STRESS. Please note that due to COVID-19, some shows and attractions are being postponed. Please discuss with your guide after booking to ensure the best experience. Check out Itinerary

Well guys that’s all I got for 2021. As always May the 4th be with you!